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Lead Capture Technology

At no additional cost to the partners, Virginia Marketing LLC implements a computer app program to capture leads, via iPad touch screens, during consumer travel shows. In addition, the program allows for a "Prize" give-away as an incentive for signing up.  

Partners have the opportunity to provide incentive packages. Those packages are promoted on the touch screens, along with a poster that describes the partner's prize package during the show(s) at which the prize is being awarded.

The program is designed to allow the patrons visiting the Virginia booth to enter contact information and survey data. Once the patron has finished entering data, an email is immediately sent to the patron thanking them for visiting the Virginia booth and directing them to the prize sponsor's website as well as the VTC website.  

The collected information will be sent to the partners as a spreadsheet for their use in following up with promotional opportunities for their areas at the end of the shows.

This system has proven to be very effective and attracted over 3,000 "real" qualified leads  for the partners last season.

Actual Touch Screen Photos
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